Join our referral program to earn fabulous rewards as a referrer or enjoy premium discount as a referee. Find out more and get the rewards!

Referrer's Reward

Achieve more referrals together to ramp up the rewards

Only 60 successful referrals awayfrom ramping up this month's Referrer Rewards to HK$600 PARKnSHOP vouchers Last updated:26 March 2018 11:00
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PARKnSHOP vouchers
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PARKnSHOP vouchers
PARKnSHOP vouchers

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Referrer Rewards

When the number of successful referrals reaches a specific number in a month, the Referrer Reward for that month will increase!

How to earn PARKnSHOP vouchers?

I am an existing Savie/ Provie/ Wealthree policyholder
Share my Policy Number with my friends
After the issuance of my friend's policy, an SMS will be sent to me for collection of vouchers in 60 days
Within 90 days after the delivery of the SMS, I must collect the vouchers at FWD Insurance Solution Centre in Sheung Wan in accordance with the SMS
Terms and Conditions

Referee's Reward

How to enjoy HK$300 premium discount?

I never have a Savie/ Provie/ Wealthree policy
My friend shares with me his policy number
Make an appointment via to perform a Financial Needs Analysis at any FWD Insurance Solution Centre
If the designated saving products# suit my needs, I can quote the policy number of my friend's plan during the application to enjoy an additional discount of HK$300 on the initial premium* paid
#The designated saving products include Savie Insurance Plan, Provie Insurance Plan, Wealthree Endowment Plan and Wealthree Endowment Plan (Premium Prepaid).* Premium excludes insurance levy collected by the Insurance Authority. For further information, please visit or contact our 24-hour Service Hotline at 3123 3123.Term and Conditions